Terms and Conditions:

The quote may be changed to accommodate changes in the

plans made by,the draftsman, the engineer ,the Certifier, the Client, the Original Decking(QLD) Company. Structural plans may be changed on site if footings need to be moved way from specific objects such as retaining walls, or to balance up equidistant measurements.

5% deposit for a confirmed start date is required. The deposit

is not refundable in the event that the client cancels the job

during an interim period. In the vent that ;the client changes

the start date the deposit is transferable. Original Decking will

be granted a 5 day start date grace period if it is unable to

commence on the agreed date due to weather conditions or

prior prior site run-ons.

Payments will be in the form of 5% deposit-33.3% for first

delivery, 33.3% interim period at sub-structure completion.

Balance being 28.4% being invoiced and paid 7 days after

completion. Late or overdue payments are being charged at

20% p.a. Compounded interest, until final payment is made,

the structure and materials remain the property of O.D. In the

vent of an irreconcilable  impasse,the CCT or Magistrates

Court will be the venue of arbitration.

Title of goods and all off cuts / disposable wastage remain the

property of  Original Decking, Original Decking may hire a skip

for clearance of off cuts. The skip is only to be used for

wastage in relation to the construct and furniture  or other

waste placed in the waste placed in the skip by 3rd will result in additional charges for further skips. O.D. Will allow the customer  to use  space in the skip at the end clearance.

Access to water and electricity is imperative  for works to be

continuous. O.D may also require a lock up storage area for

tools and materials. In the event that this is used the O.D

insures the tools under separate  cover. In the result that O.D.

Agrees to leave tools in an area, this will be deemed a storage

zone and the area will be off limits to children or pets.  Whilst

construction in underway the area of construction and 10m in

any direction will be deemed a construction zone for health

and safety.

Public liability insurance to the value of $5,000,000 is

incorporated into the cost of works.(BSA insurance is a

separate and additional charge). Any home owners or guests

within the construction zone are there at their own risk without

liability to O.D.

O.D. Invites morning / afternoon meeting at certain stages of the build. In the event that a design decision is required without delay, O.D. reserves the right to make the decision based on prior experience and will deemed as correct by the Homeowner. Whilst working O.D. may politely ask clients to leave the site once the meeting points are concluded. O.D. Costing's are based on specific man hours and elaborate meetings delay the construct and distract from completing

scheduled tasks in appropriate time. Distractions also pose a significant health and safety risk to the carpenters and to the customer.

Any variations / additions to the initial quote will either be costed in advance or be done as separate charge being materials, labour and 10% gross profit margin.

No electrics, painting, oiling, rendering, plumbing, other trades unless specified in the quote.

All prices are excluding gst.