What timbers to use on outdoor decking?

We use an array of different timbers, be they Australian

Hardwoods,Exotic Timbers or a selection of recycled timbers.

The exotic timbers include Kwilla or Merbau.  Kwilla

(Papaya New Guinea) and Merbau (Indonesia) are

essentially the same timber.  The Kwilla has a slightly

more “reddy”tinge to it and the Merbau is more on the

brown side. However, their timber properties and prices

are the same. They also take stain well in the oiling

application meaning you are able to change the tonal

colour of the Timbers.

Yellow Bilau, however, is a different timber and it is more

brittle and prone to fracturing or cracking.  It does not

leach as much as the other two exotic timbers however the

leaching of these timbers is somewhat dramatised by

suppliers of Australian hardwoods

(some of which also leach).

A handy supply of White King Bleach will remove the

leaching sediment from pavers,concrete, render etc....

All our team have some on site for any stains which occur

prior to oiling. Other products we install include Vitex

which is a sustainable hardwood, Spotted Gum, BlackButt.

We also install plastic composite decking of various makes.

We do not support illegal logging. Our timber is from

certified and licensed importers who must prove to

authorities that they have not exceeded their quota and

that trees have been certified with a chain of custody.

It is also important to note that none of our timber is

purchased from the auction houses! This is generally where

bad timber runs and mis-sized timbers end up; not what

you want for a good looking structure.

Our substructures are built from treated pine

(unless specified as hardwood or steel) and as with

anything there are quality products on the market which

surpass other suppliers. Original Decking uses the premium

pine to ensure that the deck is built correctly.